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We are India's leading Market Intelligence platform for Building Construction Industry

We are India's leading Market Intelligence and Construction Analytics, provider

8000+ live project opportunities covering construction area of over 6 billion-square-feet, 12,000+ organization profiles, 20,000+ documented industry relationships, and 400+ projects added monthly, BiltraxDIA helps you to connect with the right projects, companies, and people involved. It provides you with tools and intelligence that create and find new opportunities, thereby helping your sales team to strategize and execute them.

Smart Specification

200+ tags covering Project Amenities, Material Specifications, Sustainability Aspects & other Project Features gathered through on-ground research approach

Key Project Documents

Approval Documents, RERA Declarations, DPRs, Project Brochures, Makes & Manufacturers, Contract Conditions, Empanelments & many more

Industry Relationships

Relationship Analytics covering Architects, Consultants, Contractors & their historical relationships with Project Owners

Tender Opportunities

Covering significant early stage opportunities in public sector projects along with their documents, mapping of Owners, Architects, Consultants & Contractors

Awarded Contracts

Significant awarded contracts on the most iconic projects across India including the value, timelines, Key Companies

Organizational Empanelments

Empanelled Architects, Consultants, Contractors under 500+ public sector organizations for significant projects across India

Insights & Analytics

Top lists based on Company Type, Project Type, Geographies, Height of Structure, Construction Area, Project Status, Specifications & dozens of other parameters

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