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Biltrax LGS

Reach hundreds of target clientele in a matter of weeks

What is BiltraxLGS?

Biltrax LGS (Lead Generation Services) is a highly customizable lead prospecting and research service built over our state of the art BiltraxDIA platform. With LGS, our analysts work closely with your Sales/Marketing teams and help them produce quantifiable outcomes.


The process includes understanding your products and services and helping you with targeting the most profitable markets, projects, companies, and professionals. We also provide a list of prospects that are identified as Hot Sales Leads for you. Our analysts become part of your team & assist your key professionals in setting up their Client meetings with the intent of enhancing business outcomes.


Challenges of serving the Indian Construction Industry

- India - A Large & Diverse Country with significant building projects in 56+

Metropolitan Areas where population is upwards of 10 lakh each

- Highly Collaborative but Disorganized Segment

- Across these Geographies, Limited Standardization in Specifications, Product Selections, Decision Making Hierarchies & Processes

- Identifying Project Opportunities at the Right Time & pursuing them with Right Decision Makers is Key to Attaining Sales/Growth Targets

- Expertise in Construction Data & Analytics needed to ensure you capture,

prioritize & monetize these opportunities before your Competitor does!


India’s Building Construction Industry

The BiltraxLGS Engagement Process


Define Scope of Work

Including Target Segment, Geography, Key Accounts (Owners, Architects), No of Projects to be Mapped/Tracked, No of Meetings desired per Month, No of Resources from Biltrax & their %age dedicated time to be commissioned

Allocate, Train & Initiate Analyst Team

Identify & allocate Analysts from Biltrax Team, Train them on Products, Target Markets, Establish Communication Protocols


Initiate Target Projects/Companies Mapping

Client & Biltrax Analyst Team to jointly build an initial list of Targeted Projects, Owners, Architects during the 1st week using BiltraxDIA

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Identify Key Milestones & Contacts for Shortlisted Projects

Specifically finding the project Status - Under Approvals, Pre-Construction, Design Development, Construction Initiated, Contractor

Appointed, etc

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Connect with Validated Prospects

Introduce Products & Services via email & calls & validate the original prospects list of opportunities. Create relationships & get BoQs from

Procurement, Consultant Teams

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Keep the Communication Channels Open & Kicking

Keep Client team in loop with regards to BoQs, discussions & assist in Submission of Proposals

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Maintain Periodic Opportunity Reports on a Real Time Basis

Keep the Client’s CRM updated, Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports & Highlights so Client’s Team is always aware of Top Priorities

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Monthly Review Meeting

Besides the daily/weekly phone/email interactions with Clients, face to face interaction on a monthly basis to keep things on Track & increasing quality of validated opportunities with every passing month

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Advantages of BiltraxLGS

1. Client’s Experienced Sales Team Members are Focused on Sales & NOT on Research, Identification & Assessment of Opportunities

2. Client’s Experienced Sales Team Members are focused on High-Value Prospects leading to better ROI on Client’s Sales Team investments

3. Daily Stream of Validated & Quantified Opportunities constantly added to your Sales Funnel/CRM

4. Access to a Competent Research Team thereby not needing to build an in-house research team for the latest Actionable Information

5. Access Created in Target Organization & Brand Awareness created for your Company


Get answers to your unique questions and find out why Biltrax is the right choice for your business.

Looking for Quantifiable ROI on your Sales, Marketing & Business Development initiatives?

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