Unmatched Project Intelligence & Analytics 

BiltraxDIA (Data, Insights & Analytics) is the most comprehensive source of building projects & associated companies information in India
The platform tracks & reports thousands of building projects across India along with scores of their parameters
In-Depth Projects Tracking


Project Name, Type - Residential,Commercial, Retail, etc


Location - Latitude/Longitude, Metropolitan Region, City, State


Technical Parameters - Construction Area, No. of Floors, Basements, Height, Typical Superstructure, Substructure Area, Terrace/Roof Area, Power Consumption, etc


Schedule - Conception, Construction Start, Planned Finish, Construction Update, Images, etc


Team - Owner, Architect, Structural/MEP Consultant, Contractor, etc

Key Owner Team Members - Director, Design, Purchase, Execution, etc


Backup Documents such as Approvals, Design Basis Report, Brochure, etc

Specifications such as System Formwork, UPVC Windows, Automatic Smoke Ventilation Systems, Centralized Air-Conditioning etc

Deep Search Filters enabling Slicing/Dicing Data for specific use cases 

Deep Company Profiles

Company Name, Type (Consultant, Contractor, etc), Specialization, Location


Key Financial Information

Key Contacts including Management, Director, Design, Purchase, Contracts  Heads

Associated Projects & Analytics based on Building Use, Geographical Distribution, 


Past & Current Relationships with other Owners, Consultants, Contractors


Pre-qualification Information like Organogram, Safety/Quality Policy, Equipment List, etc

Deep Search Filters enabling Slicing/Dicing Data for specific use cases

200+ Types of Role-Specializations (Consultants, Contractors, Vendors, etc) Covered across India

Key Insights & Relationship Analytics

Several Modules like Industry Networks, Regional Trends - Companies, Regional Trends - Projects, Tenders & Awarded Contracts

biltraxDIA can enable you to investigate & find objective answers to your queries of the following kind based on facts!

1. Do you know Key Players (Owners, Architects, Consultants, Contractors) in your Target Geographies?

2. Do these Key Players work with same Companies all the time? Some of
the time? or Not at all?

3. Which Companies should you target for Strategic Relationships?

4. Which Owners, Architects, Consultants are likely to Use/Specify your
in a specific Geography?

5. Do you know of the Tallest, Largest, Most Significant projects in your

Products, Companies Empanelments

Strategic Insights for Product, Companies Empanelments

Building Material Products Specifications - Do you know where your products - make/manufacturers have been specified across India?

Building Products Empanelment Opportunities across thousands of Projects across India - Are you looking forward to get your Products empaneled across billions of square feet of large scale developments across India coming up over the next few years

Empaneled Architects, Consultants, Contractors - Are you aware of Companies which will be delivering these mega projects? Do you want to reach out to these Companies before your competition?

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