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India’s Most Comprehensive Construction Market Intelligence Solution

About Us

Since its inception in 2018, Biltrax Construction Data has enabled thousands of crores of additional revenues for India’s leading construction material manufacturers using our proprietary data, expert insights & technology platform which generates deep analytics.

We have achieved this by consistently providing reliable, actionable, comprehensive & forward-looking intelligence to our client leadership.


We are India’s leading construction market intelligence platform tracking 50,000+ projects worth 92,00,000 INR-Cr (US$ 1.1 Trillion) covering residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, etc projects as well as other segments such as industrial/manufacturing, warehousing, roads & highways, water supply & distribution & smart cities. 


Our teams collaborate closely with sales, marketing, strategy & management teams of India’s leading construction material manufacturers; typically the leaders in each product category. 


Through our data, insights & analytics; our clients are able to estimate the market size; rally their teams around those opportunities & are able to realize thousands of crores in additional revenues annually.


Despite having the DNA of a startup, we are essentially a revenue/profit driven organization & are the fastest growing in this segment over the past four (4) years.


Our visionary management team has ambitious plans to come up with multiple platforms & create a mega-impact on the Indian construction industry which is estimated to be worth over $1 trillion in 2030. 


To further fuel our growth, we are looking forward to recruiting best-in-class professionals for our team.

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Our Solutions


BX-1 covers the following building types both in Public & Private Sector.


Residential, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Data Center, Educational, Multi-Level Car Parking, Entertainment & Recreation, Religious & Other Miscellaneous buildings. BX-1 also includes Transportation Infrastructure projects such as Airports, Metros, Railway Station, Bus Station projects besides Sports Infrastructure projects such as Stadiums.


The platform has deep data, insights & analytics on the top buyers, influencers & decision makers in the Indian construction industry based on construction volumes, geographies, role & specializations, project durations & hundreds of other parameters.


BX-2 is a comprehensive platform for non-building projects covering diverse segments such as Roads & Highways, Industrial/Manufacturing, Warehousing, Water Supply & Distribution as well as Smart Cities Initiatives.

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