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About Us

We are India’s leading Market Intelligence provider and pioneers in Construction Relationship Analytics Platform for building product manufacturers, suppliers, architects, engineers, contractors and service providers. We help you identify and execute on growth opportunities for your services and product. With more than a decade's experience of our leadership team, we help our clients with actionable insights for their business development and sales initiatives.
The impact of market intelligence extends across departments and is directly tied to overachieving business goals. We help your sales and marketing teams by increasing their efficiency.


We are India's leading source of Construction Market Intelligence

Unmatched Project Intelligence and Analytics

The penetration of digital construction technologies in India is still at a very nascent stage. For productivity gains, it is critical that the Indian construction fraternity adopts new workflows & technology platforms.
We @ Biltrax are passionate about introducing new technologies in areas of Document Management Systems, Internet Of Things (IOT), Workflows, Tracking Systems, Mobility, Drones, ERP & other innovations to the construction sector.
Using our insights & access, we can help accelerate the adoption of your scale-able technology product within the building industry


Our Solution

Find deep information on major Consultants, Contractors & other Vendors

BiltraxDIA (Data, Insights & Analytics) is the most comprehensive source of building projects and associated companies' information in India. It is a multi-functional platform to help you identify and analyze growth opportunities.

Our dedicated analytics expert's domain experience and efficiency allow you to analyze, target and build industry relationships in both public and private sector projects.


Get answers to your unique questions and find out why Biltrax is the right choice for your business.

Looking for Quantifiable ROI on your Sales, Marketing & Business Development initiatives?

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