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India’s Most Comprehensive Construction Market Intelligence Solution

About Us

Biltrax Construction Data is the leading & most comprehensive platform providing construction market intelligence solutions.

Our stellar team of analysts pour over 150,000 hours annually reviewing & compiling information on projects, companies, professionals, tenders, contracts & construction products to generate proprietary data, insights & analytics for our Clients which is delivered through our state-of-the-art technology platforms BX-1 & BX-2.

As of early 2023, we track well over 38,000 projects covering over 11 Billion-SqFt of construction area accounting for a construction value of 65,00,000 INR-Cr (US$780B).

Each day our teams engage closely with our Clients; leaders from sales, marketing, specification, business development, strategy as well as management teams of India’s leading construction material manufacturers.

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Our Solutions


BX-1 covers the following building types both in Public & Private Sector.


Residential, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Data Center, Educational, Multi-Level Car Parking, Entertainment & Recreation, Religious & Other Miscellaneous buildings. BX-1 also includes Transportation Infrastructure projects such as Airports, Metros, Railway Station, Bus Station projects besides Sports Infrastructure projects such as Stadiums.


The platform has deep data, insights & analytics on the top buyers, influencers & decision makers in the Indian construction industry based on construction volumes, geographies, role & specializations, project durations & hundreds of other parameters.


BX-2 is a comprehensive platform for non-building projects covering diverse segments such as Roads & Highways, Industrial/Manufacturing, Warehousing, Water Supply & Distribution as well as Smart Cities Initiatives.

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