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Biltrax Construction Data envisions becoming the Leading & Most Trusted Knowledge Partner for thousands of Construction Material Manufacturers, Distributors, Consultants & Contractors in India’s flourishing Construction Industry.

Enabling Extraordinary Business Outcomes using our Innovative, State-of-the-Art Technology Platform & Streamlined Workflows

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Biltrax Construction Data’s Clients include leading Construction Material Manufacturers, Distributors, Contractors & Consultants in the Indian Construction Industry.

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Each day, we strive to be the Preferred Partner for thousands of Companies & Professionals in India’s Construction Sector profit from Faster, Well-Informed Decisions based on our Data, Insights & Analytics.

We take pride in Opening New Frontiers for our Clients.

Our Proprietary Data, Expert Insights & Innovative Technology Platform provide Reliable, Actionable, Comprehensive & Forward-Looking Intelligence to Senior Industry Professionals.

We work closely with our Client Teams guiding them with our insights; our deliverables are Deeply embedded in their Specification, Sales, Marketing & Strategic Workflows.

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Why We Exist


Enable Transactions for our Clients


Enable Visibility of the Entire Spectrum of Construction Projects in our Clients' target markets & provide them a real chance to pursue those opportunities.


Empowering our Clients in Building Meaningful Relationships with Key Advisors, Influencers & Decision Makers for these projects.



1. We are Data-Driven

2. Integrity in Thought & Integrity in Action

3. Client Centricity

4. Perseverance

5. Innovation & Growth Mindset

6. We are Audacious

7. We are Quality Conscious

8. Empathy

9. Collaboration

10. Strong Work Ethics

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