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Biltrax for Project


India's leading source of Construction Market Intelligence

Enabling growth opportunities for Design, Engineering, Project Management & Other Consultants across India. Gain insights from our 40,000+ hours of research & documentation to find key projects suited to your strengths & credentials. Whether you’re a PMC looking for a grade A Commercial Building project in South India or an Architect targeting Public Sector Clients in North India, we have billions of square feet of early stage opportunities for you


Never Miss a Project Opportunity Ever!

Comprehensive coverage of all significant project opportunities, typically 100,000 SqFt & above. Our average tracked project size is ~ 750,000 SqFt which is significant for any project consultant interested in winning design, engineering, project management opportunities across India


Shortlist & Quantify Opportunities at an Early Stage

Based on your target geography, building use, construction area, building heights, organizations involved & 50+ other key parameters; shortlist & quantify the projects you would like to go after. At any point in time, over 2000+ projects documented by us are in Proposed, Land Acquisition, Under Approvals & Pre-Construction/Tendering Stages which fall in your sweet spot. Access statistics on 1000+ design, engineering & contracting tenders/awarded contracts for analyzing past trends

Invest in Relationships

Get access to analytics & performance of thousands of public & private sector owners across the country through our Industry Networks module. Keep an eye on your competitor's relationships for specific locations & create your business development strategy

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Prioritize & Deploy your Business Development Team Effectively

Enable factual guidance for your business development teams by achieving their targets by prioritizing opportunities based on your preferred parameters & clients using our data & analytics approach

Save Millions on Research & Analysis

Outsource your research to Biltrax & focus on your core business activities; which is design, engineering & world-class project delivery 


Get answers to your unique questions and find out why Biltrax is the right choice for your business.

Looking for Quantifiable ROI on your Sales, Marketing & Business Development initiatives?

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