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Enabling growth opportunities for Design, Engineering, Project Management & Other Consultants across India. Gain insights from our 40,000+ hours of research & documentation to find key projects suited to your strengths & credentials. Whether you’re a PMC looking for a grade A Commercial Building project in South India or an Architect targeting Public Sector Clients in North India, we have billions of square feet of early stage opportunities for you

Find deep information on major Consultants,  Contractors & other Vendors
We help architects by giving them Realtime data

Never Miss a Project Opportunity Ever!

Comprehensive coverage of all significant project opportunities, typically 100,000 SqFt & above. Our average tracked project size is ~ 750,000 SqFt which is significant for any project consultant interested in winning design, engineering, project management opportunities across India

Shortlist & Quantify Opportunities at an Early Stage

Based on your target geography, building use, construction area, building heights, organizations involved & 50+ other key parameters; shortlist & quantify the projects you would like to go after. At any point in time, over 2000+ projects documented by us are in Proposed, Land Acquisition, Under Approvals & Pre-Construction/Tendering Stages which fall in your sweet spot. Access statistics on 1000+ design, engineering & contracting tenders/awarded contracts for analyzing past trends

Invest in Relationships

Get access to analytics & performance of thousands of public & private sector owners across the country through our Industry Networks module. Keep an eye on your competitor's relationships for specific locations & create your business development strategy

Prioritize & Deploy your Business Development Team Effectively

Enable factual guidance for your business development teams by achieving their targets by prioritizing opportunities based on your preferred parameters & clients using our data & analytics approach

Save Millions on Research & Analysis

Outsource your research to Biltrax & focus on your core business activities; which is design, engineering & world-class project delivery 

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