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Understand & Size Market Opportunities

Quantification of Billions of Square Feet of Construction Volumes for Sales, Marketing & Business Development Initiatives

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India's leading source of Construction Market Intelligence

Biltrax Construction Data is positioned to help thousands of Companies & Professionals in India's Building Sector profit from Faster, Informed Decisions using our Data Insights & Analytics.

We enable Sales, Marketing & Business Development Teams of Construction Material Manufacturers, Distributors, Turnkey & Trade Contractors, Design, Engineering & Project Management Consultants with growth opportunities.


Data Insights & Analytics (BiltraxDIA)

Biltrax DIA (Data Insights & Analytics) is India’s leading market intelligence platform to help you identify and analyze growth opportunities in India’s burgeoning projects segment. Our dedicated analytics expert's domain experience and efficiency allow you to analyze, target and build industry relationships in both public and private sector projects.

With more than 10,000+ live project opportunities covering construction area of over 7 billion-square-feet, 15,000+ organization profiles, 30,000+ documented industry relationships, and 600+ projects added monthly, BiltraxDIA helps you to connect with the right projects, companies, and the people involved. It provides you with tools and intelligence that create and find new opportunities, thereby helping your sales team to strategize and execute them.


Unmatched Project Intelligence for Indian Construction Industry


We use primary as well as secondary research workflows approach to give you precise, filterable and actionable information.

With its features like deep search filters, critical project documents, watchlist tracking, user-friendly interface, and graphical representations, BiltraxDIA can be tailored according to your specific business needs. It also allows you to analyze, target and build industry relationships in both public and private sector projects. With BiltraxDIA you get access to Critical Project Documents, Tenders- with key companies and projects, awarded contracts and many more insights since being focused only on the building and construction industry.


Data & Analytics Approach

Each parameter is documented to be independently analyzed to uncover deep insights on specific Geographies, Project Types, Size, Height & many more quantitative filters.


Use Case Customization 

Ability to Customize Data & Unearth Interpretations for Client Specific Use-Cases.




Utility & Positioning

Motivated, Committed & Friendly Team to assist Clients on a priority basis. Exhaustive Personalized Client Support included in Subscription by Default

Besides being a source of Sales Leads, Biltrax is positioned as a Strategy, Business Development & Marketing Tool for Management & CXOs

Empowering Sales, Marketing & Strategic Initiatives for leading players in Indian Construction Industry

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Our target Clientele is professionals constructing large building projects across India. Over the past year, Biltrax has added tremendous value to our business development initiatives. In fact, these days our geographical focus & by extension my business travel itinerary is based on insights generated by Biltrax platform. 

Mr. Nayan Jain, Director

 Shri Navkar Metals Ltd

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